Chapter 2: Discovered

 Cold, unbearable smell and a clamour of the birds. Where is she? She slowly opened her eyes. Stone beach, rising sun and the docks full of various shaped and sized ships. She hadn't time for thinking about where she is, she lifted up on her hands and she began to take a breath, trying to not suffocate. To take a breath was with every cough easier and easier. It took some time, but finally, the painful heaviness was gone.

 She sat and after all, she took a look around herself. Waves were gently swinging with the ships loaded with various things. In the twilight, she recognised some barrels, boxes and the nets. She turns back and she saw the crowds of the little lights. A town? She squinted. But the lights were approaching to her. She got up fearfully and she was in a search for where she can hide. If there are people and they saw her boat wrecked, God knows, what they could do to her...
She recognised, that she's no longer wearing her favourite sweater, which she's bought in Paris some time ago, but instead she's wearing a grey dress from a raw cloth which shows up her shoulders. She was confused, but her only thought in the moment was very clear: to hide somewhere. And quickly.
She noticed a ship, which had a green snake on its side. She ran to it, however, an absence of any kind of the shoes made running very uncomfortable. Stones and pebbles were pricking her into her soles, so when she finally arrived at the ship, her soles were all chafen.

That ship has a ladder on its side, on which she swung into and began to climb up. "Where are you climbing to?!" said a voice behind her, together with the painful jerk of her ankle landward. Frightened, she released the hands out of the ladder and she fell hard down to the wharf. Bronze sailor, long as a mountain was looming above her. He was dressed in a white tunic, black vest and in green pants. "I...I..." she faltered, still lying on the ground. "You wanted to steal my goods, didn't you!" he accused her and he clutched her painfully by her elbow, raised her up and he swung her on her feet. "So are gonna respond?!" shooked her angrily.
"I never wanted to steal something!" Ann shook her head. "Shut up! Why you would creep like that then?" he obviously wanted to know and he was really angry at her. "I've wanted to hide myself!" her fight ghost was awakened and she was suddenly very confident about herself. "Am I supposed to believe this? From who? From the ghosts?!" cried sailor. Then there was a long silence. Ann - Marie stood there, shaken because she was discovered. What is he gonna do with me? I didn't even saw him in a twilight! She thought. The silence was broken by the sailor. He laughed bitterly and then he grabbed her, heading across the pier to the beach, where were waiting for groupes, definitely stunned. They were holding the torches, scythes and sickles.
"Dougal!" sailor called upon somebody from the crowd. Shortly after, a man appeared in front of them - the elder chap with a pigtail of black hair heading from his forehead to the back of his head.
"Oliver? Who's this girl?" asked the black haired Dougal with a chequered kilt. "A brat who tried to stole my fish." he chucked with her forward, wonder that Ann didn't fall to her knees.
"What's your name lass?" asked her Dougal politely. "Ann - Marie." said girl. "Does she have a last name? Whore's daughter? Servant's daughter?" laughed Oliver, holding his belly. Everybody seems to be waiting for her respond. "Ann - Marie Dinwoodie." replied her quietly, almost whispering.
"What shall we do with ya?" asked the sailor to the crowd. Everybody grumbled unpleasantly.


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